In a recent post I talked about ATM skimming devices. It seems from a recent article in Wired that theives have taken ATM fraud to a new high. In Europe machines have been found that have been compromised with modified software, which eliminates the need for card skimmers or cameras.  It requires someone with insider access to install the software on the machine, but it definitely ups the ante quite a bit.

The malware captures account numbers and PINs from the machine’s transaction application and then delivers it to the thief on a receipt printed from the machine in an encrypted format or to a storage device inserted in the card reader. A thief can also instruct the machine to eject whatever cash is inside the machine. A fully loaded ATM can hold up to $600,000.

Where before you stood a chance of spotting a card skimming device on your neighborhood ATM, with this scheme you really have no idea whether the machine has been compromised, since it’s all in software.

The good news is it seems like more recent ATM machines have newer security measures that make the attack ineffective.  On the other hand, how long has your bank had their current ATMs?

[ Original story at Wired ]



RIP, Bookpool

June 2, 2009 | 1 Comment

I picked up a project at work that’s working on an iPhone application, which I’d asked to coach since it sounded fun. I was going to Bookpool.com tonight to look for books on iPhone programming, and the domain is parked!

This came as quite a blow. Bookpool always had good service, and their prices couldn’t be beat. A quick Google came up with a number of threads where others are also grieving the loss of Bookpool.

Here’s hoping they come back, I’d certainly buy from them again! If not, rest in peace friend.


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